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The Icon revolution

Digital Design changed forever with the introduction of the smartphone: Entire new disciplines were created and existing ones were transformed. One of the fields that would never be the same was icon design. Icons have always played a vital role in the user interface but with the wide adoption of touch enabled devices and the rise of apps— the relative niche skill of Iconist, exploded in demand.

Not only did interfaces now require designers to think more carefully about icons inside the app; Icon design was also put front and center in the App Store and on Home Screens in the form of App Icons. Big glowing images that would serve as the most powerful creative link between maker and user. The one image that people would interact with every time they used the application. These glowing squares on our devices became our connections to the digital lives we were living. People organise their icons on their devices and have passionate discussions if a popular app changes their icon. Never before had icons mattered this much to this many people. The app revolution was also the icon revolution.

To a much greater extend than icons in the past, the App Icon was tasked with balancing a range of responsibilities. A good App Icon should be a scalable design that worked in the context of the platform and remained legible through a range of sizes. A good App Icon should be a fitting representation of the digital product the user could expect. A good App Icon should be an appealing and memorable branding object that work in many different contexts, both on and outside of the platform.

In the past decade a generation of designers has risen to meet this challenge and created a veritable treasure trove of artwork. It has been a golden age of icon design.






















About the book

I'm creating a book celebrating App Icon design. Not only because I'm deeply passionate about the subject but because I think it's a timely book that ought to be made. I have worked as an Iconist for almost 15 years. I have lived through the changes and contributed to the field through my work, my resources, my writing and public speaking. The book will contain some of my work, but my goal is to curate and display some of the greatest app icons made— covering a wide range of applications, games and styles.

The book is currently taking shape and the final form will depend on a lot of factors. I'm aiming for more of a coffee table-style inspiration book, than a text book. It should be a colourful exploration of icons with lots of interesting examples appealling not only to iconists, but a broad range of creatives and people interested in digital design.



Michael is a Danish designer & entrepreneur. He runs entertainment studio NorthplayPixelresort and design resource platform Apply Pixels. He’s got a treasure-trove of experience creating his own companies, leading teams of developers and designers and working on countless of succesful products, games and services.

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